Karolína Square Dance Club is keen on dancing, teaching and promoting the square dance and round dance in Slovakia. We are happy to meet friends in the clubs at home and abroad.

We have been dancing since October 18th 1990, mostly each Wednesday. Every year, we have a beginner class and besides that we dance square dance of the Mainstream, Plus, A1 and a few times even A2 program, and round dance of phases I trough VI. We have about 40 active members of all ages and lots of supporters from our Karolína families - our previous members who mostly met in the club and are are too busy taking care for their children right now.

Our club special dance - Májovka, has been held on the first weekend in May every year since our club was "born". This special dance is named "unconventional" because we try to prepare something new and surprising for our guests every year - something you can´t find at any other special dances. Every year we prepare a new theme of the special dance - Star, Cirque du Square, Medieval...

We are sending many greetings to you and we are looking forward to meet you in Bratislava!karolina 2014