If you are reading this, it is safe to assume that you are interested in our May Special Dance. Maybe because you've been to it before, maybe because you've heard of it from someone. We indeed do take pride in what people say about our Special and that's why our dedicated staff is already getting their hands dirty preparing next year's event.

We've got a few news for you. This time, the theme is Rio Carnival. But most importantly, you can look forward to the amazing Jerry Story!

Up until now, the capacity of our dance halls has been (very nearly) adequate. However, Jerry's magnetic presence may well attract more dancers than we can accommodate, so we took to limiting the number of paying dancers. This is why you need to preregister and, of course, do it before the limit is hit. To confirm your registration, we ask that you pay the entry fee (in EUR or CZK): either by making a bank transfer to one of our bank accounts or (and this is new as well) by paying in cash to one of our staff at selected specials.

I believe that browsing these web pages will convince you to come (if you had not been convinced before, that is). If there is a piece of information that you could not find here, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Kristína Čevorová, head of the organizing team