sandiebryant 2 thumbAre you still not sure whether or not to come to our May Special Dance? Or are you, on the contrary, looking for reasons to stay around the area for longer? Then the following might just be what tips you over:

Sandie Bryant, who we had at our May Special Dance two years back, will be calling for The Workshoppers in Vienna. On Wednesday, May 3 there will be Ms or Plus (jointly organised by The Workshoppers and the Dancing Strawberries) and on Thursday, May 4 there will A1 or A2. If you are planning to attend, please register here for the Plus evening and here for the A2 evening.

The Workshoppers are also planning to spend the evening of Thursday, April 27 dancing A1 with Tim Bressinck, who will then move to Bratislava for the weekend :) Register here.

As more information becomes available we will update this page. The calendar below shows these events as well as other club evening taking place near Bratislava around this time (we recommend that you check with the club before visiting that the club evening really is taking place):

When Club Where Level
Tuesday 25. 4. Corvinus Dancers Wiener Neustadt  Ms to Plus 
Wednesday 26. 4. Dancing Strawberries Seyring  Plus
Community Dancers Brno Basic to A1 
Karolína Bratislava Basic to A1, round I-VI 
Thursday 27. 4. The Workshoppers Vienna A1 with Tim Bressinck - register here
Rosalia Square Dancers Bad Sauerbrunn  Basic to Plus 
Zoom B.  Brno  Basic to A2 
Friday 28. 4.  Dancing Strawberries  Seyring Ms/Plus with Jerry Jestin
Monday 1. 5. Vienna Swingers Vienna Ms/Plus
Tuesday 2. 5.  Corvinus Dancers  Wiener Neustadt  Ms to Plus 
Vienna Swingers  Vienna A1/A2 with Jirka Ščobák
Salt Castle Diamonds Salzburg Ms/Plus with Sandie Bryant
Wednesday 3. 5.    The Workshoppers/Dancing Strawberries Seyring Plus with Sandie Bryant - register here
Community Dancers  Brno  Basic to A1 
Thursday 4. 5.   The Workshoppers  Vienna A2 with Sandie Bryant - register here
Rosalia Square Dancers  Bad Sauerbrunn  Basic to Plus 
Zoom B.  Brno  Basic to A2 
Friday 5. 5.  Dancing Strawberries  Gerasdorf Basic/Ms