matyas brenner

I started with Round Dancing in 2002, but my first experience with dancing came 10 years earlier when I was 3 years old. Since those days I have tried out quite a few different styles of dancing including ballroom competitions.

I have been cueing and teaching since 2007 in two Round Dance clubs in Prague. I am also teaching at most of the RD specials in Czech Republic and Slovakia. You can also see me as a dancer at some specials in Germany (European Round Dance Week, Rieneck).

I am cueing, teaching and dancing up to phase VI, but I enjoy hashcue up to phase IV the most. My favorite rhythms for dancing are waltz, tango and rumba and for hashcueing chacha, waltz and two-step.

At my workshops I am trying to pass on as much technique and fun as possible.

I’ll be glad to see you at my sessions.