lucka cervena f

I've started dancing in 1998 in a children's dance club Stonožky (Centipedes) Česká Skalice, and we danced country dances. At first, I seemed to be a hopeless case, rhythm meant nothing to me and alternating legs was a problem, but I liked it a lot! And after a while I even got good at it :) Along with the country dances, the club started to teach Square and Round Dance and in 2001 I attended my first event - the 9th CSCTA Convention in Tišnov. Since then, dancing has been an important part of my life.

When I was 15 I started to teach and cue in Marineta Česká Skalice and wrote several choreographies (the cuesheets can be found at Nowadays I dance and cue at Simple Diamond Prague, where I am still learning a lot. I attend Round Dance events in both Czech Republic and abroad - for example in Germany at workshops with R. Lamberty, Klaus Völkl and other outstanding cuers. My first event as a performer was Nýrsko 2015.

I dance Round at phase V-VI and Square at Plus. Apart from the aforementioned country dances, I've also tried clogging and Line Dance. I prefer to cue choreographies of phase IV+ and I also like hashcue up to the same phase.