tomas machalikMy name is Tomáš Machalík but most square-dancing people know me under my nick-name Doug (some of them even think it is my real first-name). I started with Square Dance in January of 1995. Two years later, I took my first timid steps in calling, too. I currently call from Basic (or its subsets) through Advanced 2.

I always try to call what I would like to dance myself. My goal is to offer mostly high-energy up-beat dancing with a choreography that is as smooth as possible while providing variety as well as a reasonable amount of mental challenge. I also strive for variety through music: from traditional Square Dance tunes to modern sound, alternative music and karaoke tracks.

I currently call on a more-or-less regular basis for several clubs:
Crazy Dancers (MS/P - Prague, CZ), The Wild Bunch (MS/P/A1 - Waldershof, D), Smiling Bavarians (MS - Neutraubling, D) and SD4Fun Travellers (travelling).

I also tried to call for the Onego Wave Dancers (RU) over Skype several times and I look forward to getting back to it as soon as there is a club interested (and it seems there is!).

I am looking forward to meeting you all and having a lot of fun together in Bratislava or anywhere else!

MS singing call: Tomáš Doug Machalík

24th UMSD: Farewell dance

Posted by Jiří Ščobák on Sunday, May 3, 2015