Tim Bressinck Tim was born in 1980 in Soest/Germany. His parents started square dancing in 1984 so his complete childhood was accompanied by visiting special dances: just being entertained, watching the dancers or just listening the funny music. In 1996 he started his beginner class at the “Pumpernickels Soest”/Germany. Since this time his father visited a special dance, called by Tony Oxendine and Jerry Story. There he bought a tape, “gone fishin’” by Jerry, and there was one song that Tim liked that much (b-side, track 1), that his father never saw that tape again. Tim looped “Fisherman’s Luck” again and again and again. One time, his father found out, that Tim was able to “call” this song exactly as Jerry did. So, some days later Tim found himself on the stage in his homeclub, calling “Fishermans luck”. The feedback was incredible, so this was the moment where he found out, that there will be something that could me more fun for him as he thought dancing could be: Calling.

It doesn’t take that long, that he was allowed to call several clubnights in NRW and not that later he called his first special dances. Inspired by the way singing like Thorsten Geppert does on the one hand, and the smart and different entertaining by Thorsten Hubmann on the other, Tim found his own way being on stage: Just him ☺. They inspired him through all the years and they still do.

Till now, he was invited to call several special dances in Germany, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Austria and the Netherlands.

Tim calls basics up to A2. Tim represents a modern, dynamic, entertaining and musically way of calling.

Have more fun! Dance Square


Noch ein kleines Video vom Jester-Dance für die Zu-Haus-Gebliebenen

Posted by SquareRadio.FM on Monday, November 19, 2018