jiri scobakJirka Ščobák learned square dancing in 1988 at the Caramella club in Prague, when the iron curtain still divided Europe. In 1989 he started calling for his own club: the Country Farrow in Prague. He was the first Plus dancer in the Czech Republic. Since 1993 he has been living in Bratislava and calling for Karolína SDC Bratislava, and later for Vienna Swingers, Pinkafelder Promenaders, Corvinus Dancers and Rosalia Square Dancers. Together with Jiří Slabý he founded the ABC Records in 1998. In July 2014 he participated in the European Convention in Denmark.

In addition to square dancing, he also enjoys zoology, anthropology, fishkeeping, travelling, photography, hiking and playing board games. Since 2006, he has been publishing a blog on the sme.sk portal and since 2009 he has been reviewing movies for the Czech and Slovak Film Database. He and his wife Žaneta have three daughters together.

"I enjoy calling to the rhythm. Or... more exactly... I need to call to the rhythm :). Of course I try to call interesting combinations (most of the dancing done to my calling is DBD - Dance by Definition), but I stick to the principle that both I and the dancers must be able to hold the tempo of the music."

Hoedown: Club night of Lion Squares in Munich

25. 1. 2015 Khaled - C'est La Vie

Posted by Jiří Ščobák on Sunday, January 25, 2015