Elisabeth Amtmann (A)
Calling thru Plus, since 2018.
Region Burgenland


Vláďa Andris (CZ)
I began calling in 1997 and I became a club caller for Hukilau SDC Valašské Meziříčí in that same year. Today I call B-C1 at Hukilau club evenings and at weekend events in the Czech Republic. I've been a member of CSCTA since 1999, currently as the vice-president.


Mirka Barvíková (CZ)

michal bayer

Michal Bayer (CZ)
Michal Bayer was born in Prague in 1977. He started square dancing in 1992 after a previous experience with country dances in Jasan Bonuš's famous school of country dances. He took up a microphone and made his first calling attempts in 1993. His home club was Lariat, where he learned Basic through C1, but today he is calling for Country Farrow in Prague. He is a member of CSCTA and he is currently calling from Basic through C1. He is keen on programming and spends hours in front of his computer. He likes photography and playing guitar. He is an amateur ice-hockey player.


Michal Benitto Beneš (CZ)
I began with Square Dance in autumn 1992. I am probably one of a few who, after seeing a flyer in a tram, made a leap into the unknown. And I, a former hater of dancing, got hooked. So much that about half a year later I embarked on Round Dance. Surprisingly, I persevered to these days. At the turn of years 1994/1995 the dancing was not enough. I've started eyeing what was going on behind the microphone. I don't know what came first, calling or cueing, I really don't remember and doubt that anyone else does. That is not important. It just began.

The more I've danced, the more choreographies and levels I've mastered both as a dancer and cuer/caller. The result is that nowadays I dance up to phase VI in Round Dance and A2 in Square Dance (C1 only begins to get on my radar now :-) ). I call up to A1, despite the occasional attempts at A2. My preferred calling level is Plus and then the beginners at Basic. I like to show them the variability of Square Dance. I call and cue in V-klub Plzeň. You can also meet me at dance events (this Convention, for example :-) ) and especially at the afterparties with live music. I am usually the one with the five-string drum on a lap (otherwise known as the banjo :-) )


Juliane Burr (D)
Calling thru Plus, since 2000.
Club: Isen Valley Swingers, Shillelaghs SDC, Quo Vadis


Walt Burr (USA)
Calling thru A2, since 1980. Recordings by A&S Records, Callerlab Accredited Caller-Coach.
Club: Square Sharks Landshut, Newcastle Dancers Neuberg, Salt Castle Diamonds Salzburg, Munich 9-Pins


Franta Čermák (CZ)
I have begun dancing in 1989 in Plzeň in Virgina dancing club. It was mostly classic country dancing, but during that year a new style appeared in Czech Republic - the square dance. A year later, I established a new dance club in my hometown - Nýrsko - and we named it Tennessee. And to these days, I still teach country, square and round dance in that same club, despite the fact that it moved to Klatovy. Beside the club, I organize several classes in the Klatovy cultural center: country for seniors, square dance (MS), round dance (phase II-IV). I also organize a country dance class for children in Nýrsko.

Every year I create at least three different choreographies for performances at local events - with kids, seniors and our club. I also create round dance choreographies. The very first one was "It's My Life" cha cha. Among my other choreographies are Top of the World, Eye Level, Si Te Vas, Best in Me, It Is You (Shrek), Jesse, Loosing My Religion, Mariela, and many others.


Inge Baby Caller Hierweck (A)


David Hrbáč (CZ)


Jack Hsieh (Taiwan)

micha janak 0

Michal "Dingo" Janák (CZ)
Calling thru A2, since 2000.
Clubs: Community Dancers Brno, irregularly Bells Brno SDC, Dancing Strawberries (Gerasdorf bei Wien).


Conny Klingen (A)


Jarda Blonďák Korec (CZ)


Tomáš Doug Machalík (CZ)
My name is Tomáš Machalík but most square-dancing people know me under my nick-name Doug (some of them even think it is my real first-name). I started with Square Dance in January of 1995. Two years later, I took my first timid steps in calling, too. I currently call from Basic (or its subsets) through Advanced 2.

I always try to call what I would like to dance myself. My goal is to offer mostly high-energy up-beat dancing with a choreography that is as smooth as possible while providing variety as well as a reasonable amount of mental challenge. I also strive for variety through music: from traditional Square Dance tunes to modern sound, alternative music and karaoke tracks.

I currently call on a more-or-less regular basis for several clubs:
Crazy Dancers (MS/P - Prague, CZ), The Wild Bunch (MS/P/A1 - Waldershof, D), Smiling Bavarians (MS - Neutraubling, D) and SD4Fun Travellers (travelling).

I also tried to call for the Onego Wave Dancers (RU) over Skype several times and I look forward to getting back to it as soon as there is a club interested (and it seems there is!


Paľo Novotný (SK)


Sergej Nündel (D)


Jirka Rogalewicz (CZ)
I have been dancing square dance since 1988 and calling since 1990. I call Basic through A1. Since 1990 I have been regularly calling as a club caller for M-SEPARATE S.D.C. in Prague. I call at many special dances and student parties mostly in the Czech Republic. But I also called in Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Great Britain.

I always wanted to improve the quality of our callers and so I held various caller seminars and local caller schools. Between 1995 and 2005 I organised 6 caller schools in the Czech Republic with Al Stevens mostly (but not only) for Czech and Slovak callers.

I have been a member of the CSCTA since 1992 (as President during 1992-1997 and 2005-2008, currently at the Treasurer position), a member of ECTA in the years 1992-2005 and a CALLERLAB member since 1994.

I am married and have 3 children. Other activities: cycling, hiking, ball dancing.

jiri slamak slaby r

Jiří "Slamák" Slabý (CZ)
Calling thru A2, since 1990.
Club: Country Farrow, Praha


Kamila Suranovská (CZ)


Jirka Ščobák (SK)
Jirka Ščobák learned square dancing in 1988 at the Caramella club in Prague, when the iron curtain still divided Europe. In 1989 he started calling for his own club: the Country Farrow in Prague. He was the first Plus dancer in the Czech Republic. Since 1993 he has been living in Bratislava and calling for Karolína SDC Bratislava, and later for Vienna Swingers, Pinkafelder Promenaders, Corvinus Dancers and Rosalia Square Dancers. Together with Jiří Slabý he founded the ABC Records in 1998. In July 2014 he participated in the European Convention in Denmark.

In addition to square dancing, he also enjoys zoology, anthropology, fishkeeping, travelling, photography, hiking and playing board games. Since 2006, he has been publishing a blog on the sme.sk portal and since 2009 he has been reviewing movies for the Czech and Slovak Film Database. He and his wife Žaneta have three daughters together.

"I enjoy calling to the rhythm. Or... more exactly... I need to call to the rhythm :). Of course I try to call interesting combinations (most of the dancing done to my calling is DBD - Dance by Definition), but I stick to the principle that both I and the dancers must be able to hold the tempo of the music."


Veronika Šeděnková (CZ)


Miloš Fík Veselý (CZ)
My path to square dance began with country dance. Around 2001, I and my wife started dancing in Bonanza Jihlava dance club. Later I've seen square dance and realized - this is something that I could enjoy! My first attempts at dancing it were at the end of 2003, but in my region, there were no square dance clubs. After several years, almost by chance, I've attended my first SD event – Kapření 2009 in Třeboň. That was when I decided that I really like square dance and want to learn it. But this only became a reality in October 2010 in Liberec, where I learned all of Basic in one weekend. But without practice, I would have forgotten everything, so I got together a couple of willing locals and founded the Silverspines club.  We didn't have a caller, so I ended up behind the microphone. With the help of internet articles, I took my first steps as a caller and taught Basic to "my" dancers. I was greatly aided by a workshop for beginner callers that I participated in in 2011; Doug explained some basic techniques to me there. So, gradually, we've mastered Basic and Mainstream. On top of calling for my club, I also call as a "Caller from the Floor" at events. The first time I had my own slot at an event was at the CSCTA Convention 2014 in Brno and then a year later at the same event in Prague.